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Winter Newsletter:

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Schedule of Direct Deposit Dates:

Federal Payment 2017 Schedule of direct deposit dates

PDCU Money Smart Blogs

Prevent Tax Return Fraud - Tips to help protect your tax return from being stolen through identity theft.

CardNav by CO-OP

Introducing unprecedented, real-time control over your debit cards through your smartphone or tablet.

CardNav adds another level of security to your cards by letting you decide how and when they can be used, and alerting you when any types of transactions you specify take place. You can even use CardNav to set personal spending limits that help you stay within your budget goals.

  • Turn cards on or off in seconds.
  • Use GPS to restrict transactions to businesses within a designated area.
  • Limit card use to specific merchants or purchases.
  • Receive real-time, in-app alerts that let you stop unauthorized purchases before they're complete.
  • Receive alerts when you're getting close to any personal spending limits you've set.

Take Control of your Debit Card and Download the CardNav app by CO-OP to gain a new level of security and control over your money today. CardNav can be downloaded through the Apple App Store & Google Play Store on your mobile device.

CardNav FAQ ---

Holiday Closing Schedule:

All PDCU branches will be closed for the following holidays:

  • Martin Luther King Day, Monday, 1/16
  • President's Day, Monday, 2/20

Update your electronic deposits

Former CDCU members, if you have any regular direct deposits including payroll, Social Security or Civil Service Payments, you must update the:

  • Routing and Transit Number: 272 484 988
  • Format of your account number, either of these format methods will work:
  • Use the account number as it appears at the bottom of your new PDCU checks
  • Or simply add a zero to the end of your member number. i.e. 123450 becomes 1234500

While we will be able to accept your electronic deposits for the near future, you should update these items ASAP. After the routing number is deactivated, payments sent to the old CDCU routing number will no longer come to PDCU.

Traveling? - Clear your Credit or Debit Cards!

Important! - If you're traveling out of the area, please let us know so we can help protect your accounts and card transactions. Card use outside of your normal area may be blocked. Let us know when and where you're traveling so we can authorize your plastic cards.

Call us at 844-700-PDCU or stop by one of our branches to notify us of your travel plans. It only takes a few minutes and can make your trip an easy one!

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