Investment & Trust Services

People Driven Credit Union offers financial planning services through Lincoln Financial Advisers, who are ready to help members understand their finances and plan for financial goals and retirement. They are registered to sell life insurance, annuities, stocks, bonds and mutual funds. Contact us and ask to set up an appointment for a no-cost, no obligation consultation.


Lincoln Financial Advisers work with clients to prepare a profile that considers their needs, goals, time frames and tolerance for risk. This overview becomes the basis for an ongoing relationship to help clients stay on course in meeting their financial goals. Their experience covers not only the needs of the individual, but also assist with the needs and issues affecting business owners.

Financial Seminars

People Driven Credit Union offers free financial seminars throughout the year at its main office in Southfield and at "lunch-time seminars" at the McNamara Federal Building, IRS Computing Center, Federal Courthouse in Detroit and at TACOM in Warren.

Trust Accounts

The purpose of a Trust is to set up assets to be transferred to another person (beneficiary) in the event of a death. Each Trust is written by an attorney to be administered and customized according to the person's wishes. A copy of the entire Trust document is required to ensure the credit union can administer the Trust.

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