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Fraud is on the rise, but fortunately there's an easy solution

Activate IdentityIQ in minutes

Upon enrollment, IdentityIQ starts working immediately. However, be sure to log in and verify your identity so that you can get the most value out of this service. Just check your email for your activation link or visit

Full list of coverage
  • Comprehensive identity protection and restoration solution*
  • Employs around-the-clock monitoring for fraudulent activity
  • Immediately alerts you to any suspicious activity
  • Quick, hands-on process of restoring your information should fraud occur

My favorite thing about the credit union is how you go out of your way to accomodate your members.

Joan B - member for 35 years

Receive up to 35% off on IdentityIQ®

Take Control of Your Credit

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*Underwritten by AIG

Disclaimer: IDIQ® is the provider of IdentityIQ® services. To learn more about the IdentityIQ Privacy & Security policy visit the website at identityiq.com. IdentityIQ service is a nationwide provider of credit reports, scores, credit monitoring, and identity theft monitoring services. Identity theft insurance is underwritten by AIG.

Special pricing discounts vary by plan. Monthly plan discounts are 30% off regular pricing. Annual plan discounts are 35% off regular pricing. Terms and conditions apply.