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Rates effective as of 01/16/2019. APR = Annual Percentage Rate. "As low as" indicates that rates for this product are determined by an evaluation of applicant credit.

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New & Used Cars, Trucks, and Vans

Max TermTerm Rate (APR)
Up to 36 MonthsAs low as 3.39%
37 to 48 MonthsAs low as 3.49%
49 to 60 MonthsAs low as 3.59%
61 to 72 MonthsAs low as 3.89%
73 to 84 MonthsAs low as 4.74%

2010 or older vehicles add 2%

Home Equity Lines-of-Credit

Other InfoMax TermTerm Rate (APR)
Payment: 1.6% of Balance $50 MinimumLTV Up to 80%As low as 5.25%

Home equity lines of credit are variable rate loans, indexed to the prime rate and adjustable quarterly. The maximum rate is 18.0% Annual Percentage Rate (APR).

Home Equity Closed End Loans

Other InfoMax TermTerm Rate (APR)
LTV Up to 70%12 to 72 MonthsAs low as 4.75%
LTV Up to 70%73 to 120 MonthsAs low as 5.00%
LTV Up to 70%121 to 180 MonthsAs low as 5.25%
LTV 71% to 80%12 to 72 MonthsAs low as 5.50%
LTV 71% to 80%73 to 120 MonthsAs low as 5.75%
LTV 71% to 80%121 to 180 MonthsAs low as 6.00%

Interest Rate Fixed

First Mortgage Loans

Other InfoMax TermRates (APR)
Down payments are requiredFrom 5 Years to 30 Years Fixed or Adjustable RatesFor today’s rates, call 866-898-1818 or visit

RV's Boats, Motorcycles

TermTerm Rate (APR)
Up to 60 MonthsAs low as 4.29%
61-84 MonthsAs low as 4.99%
85-120 MonthsAs low as 5.74%
121-180 Months As low as 6.99%

Personal Unsecured Closed End

Max TermTerm Rate (APR)
12 MonthsAs low as 8.00%
13-24 MonthsAs low as 8.75%
25-36 MonthsAs low as 9.75%
37-48 Months As low as 10.75%
49-60 Months As low as 11.75%

Line of Credit/Overdraft Protection

Minimum Payment Term Rate (APR)
3% of Balance, $30 Mininum12.50%

Credit Cards

Type Minimum PaymentTerm Rate (APR)Intro Rate (APR)
VISA PLATINUM3% of Balance, $20 Minimum9.50%3.99% for 6 months
VISA CLASSIC13.80%5.99% for 6 months

The rate on all Visa credit cards may increase to 15.0% APR if the minimum payment due is not paid for two consecutive months.

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