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If this is your first time ever logging into Online Banking/ Mobile banking Click the “Register” link, next to the username field and follow the steps. You must register with the email address on file with PDCU for your membership.

Having trouble getting started?

If you are having difficulty logging in or enrolling, please contact us at (844) 700-7328 or by visiting any People Driven CU branch.

Browser errors If you are experiencing internet browser errors, please refer to this list of supported browsers Click here

Tips for Preventing Fraud At People Driven, we care about helping you keep your identity secure. Please refer to our security tips page for valuable information to help you protect your identity. Click here

with iTalk, here are the menus and submenus:
If a member is chooses Option 2 for Account History, here is the next menu:
For checking accounts:
1. All transactions 2. All withdrawals 3. All deposits 4. Last payroll deposited 5. Cleared checks 6. ATM transactions (withdrawals and deposits at the ATM) 7. Search for a check # 8. Search for an amount
For savings accounts:
1. All transactions 2. All withdrawals 3. All deposits 4. Last payroll deposit 5. ATM transactions 6. Search for an amount
REMEMBER to remind the member that this history is only going back to July 2. They cannot get previous history through iTalk.
Other Menu Options: 1. Account balance 2. Account history 3. Funds transfer or Make a Payment a. Transfer Funds Immediately b. Schedule a funds transfer c. Payments Menu i. Payment immediate ii. Payments Scheduled d. List scheduled funds transfers e. Cancel a scheduled transfer 4. Share and Loan Withdrawal-have a check mailed to you 5. Stop Payments a. Submit a stop payment-specific check b. Submit a stop payment-check range c. Stop Payment Inquiry 6. Future Dated Transactions a. Hear ACH transactions b. List scheduled transfers 7. PIN Maintenance –change iTalk access code 8. Have account summary sent to member by email address on system
Main Menu 3* Skip 5* Repeat #

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