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People Driven Credit Union Member highlight on The Critter Getter

People Driven Credit Union is a member owned, cooperative Financial Institution.  We love featuring member’s business!  At our Romeo Branch Ribbon Cutting, October 24, 2018, we interviewed member, Mike Vasich, owner/operator of a unique company, The Critter Getter.

Transcript – Featuring:

  • Dave Sullivan – PDCU VP of Marketing
  • Mike Vasich – PDCU Member and owner of “The Critter Getter”


Dave:    Hello everybody, Dave Sullivan here, part of the marketing team at People Driven Credit Union (PDCU), with a member who has a very interesting business.  What is your name?

Mike:    My name is Mike Vasich.

Dave:    OK, how long have you been a member?

Mike:    I’ve been a member for years, over 10 years.

Dave:    Great!  Tell us a little bit about the business.  What is the name of the business?

Mike:    The name of the business is called, The Critter Getter.  I’m the only guy in Michigan who does what I do.  I use an all-natural spray to deter animals to stay away.

Dave:    So it’s all natural, a spray that is good for the environments, but still deters the critters.

Mike:    Yes, sir

Dave:    Do you catch the critters as well?  Or pretty much just try to get them to leave with the spray?

Mike:    I get them to leave with the spray because my motto is, “When you trap, they keep coming back.” Because of the scent of the critter being there, they’ll come back.  Or another critter will take over residence.

Dave:    OK

Mike:    I do mice, rats, bats all wilderness control.

Dave:    You were telling me earlier that the population has really increase.  It seems to be a problem that’s getting worse.

Mike:    Yes, with mice, bats and even rats, they’re populating so bad nowadays.

Dave:    How can members get ahold of you?

Mike:    You can reach me, I can give you my phone number, it’s 586 336-0266.

Dave:    Well thank you so much!  I appreciate it.