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PDCU Member Benefit: GreenPath Financial Counseling

Free, 1-on-1 debt counseling and financial education

GreenPath Debt Management Program has been improving PDCU member's financial health since 2004

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GreenPath Financial Wellness has empowered people to live financially healthy lives since 1961.

Offering friendly debt counseling with credit report analysis, loan restructuring advice, and other valuable assistance, GreenPath can put you on the road to financial wellness. We encourage you to look around the GreenPath website, where you will find all of the financial wellness resources available.

Budgeting Worksheet

We are very grateful for the Credit Counseling service provided!

April H. - member since 1989

GreenPath - Like a friend that has been through it before.

There's a solution to every financial situation, and GreenPath is here to guide you.

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