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Youth Accounts

Youth accounts teach kids money management, with parental oversight and limits.


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  • Overview

    Introducing the People Driven Credit Union Youth Account.

    Empower your children with smart money habits from an early age by opening a PDCU Youth Account for them. With this account, you’re not just providing them with a bank account – you’re opening up a world of financial literacy education.

    Open a Youth Account Online

    Youth accounts are tailored for ages 0-17 and offer a comprehensive solution for teaching your kids and teens about money management. Each PDCU Youth Account includes both a checking and savings account and is equipped with features that allow parents to set up alerts and limits.

    Furthermore, you can actively guide your child through real-world financial experiences like using an ATM. With a minimum initial deposit requirement of just $5 and no monthly service fees, getting started is easy and affordable.

    To open and manage an account, you must be the child’s parent, grandparent, or legal guardian. As the joint account holder, you’ll have access to set up account alerts, parental controls, online access, and more.

    Start your child’s financial journey with a PDCU Youth Account today!

    Youth Account Perks

    • Free debit card
    • 34,000+ free ATMs
    • Parent advantages and monitoring
    • Limit on withdrawals and spending alerts

    As they grow, let them take control of their finances while you monitor their progress.

    • Help your child and teenager think before buying.
    • They’ll learn to distinguish between needs and wants.
    • They can access their money using an ATM or debit card.
    • They can practice creating and sticking to a budget.
    • Having their own account can help them learn to save money.

    Open a Youth Account Online

    I have been a member for years. The service is phenomenal! It begins with their greeter and continues with rest of the staff until the completion of your business.

    Pamela D.
  • Features and Benefits

    Features & Benefits of PDCU Youth Accounts

    Youth Accounts offer a range of benefits designed to provide parents and guardians peace of mind while teaching children the fundamentals of money management. With features like parent controls, easy ways to add money, and automatic savings tools, our Youth Accounts make it simple and convenient for families to save and manage money together. Whether you’re looking to instill financial responsibility in your child or help them reach their savings goals, our Youth Accounts are the perfect solution. Join us today and start your child’s journey towards financial success with People Driven Credit Union.

    Parent controls

    The parent or legal guardian on the account can give them limited access to account services. You can allow them to:

    • Check account balance
    • Transfer money
    • Make a deposit

    Easy ways to add money

    Whether you’re at home or on the go, you can easily add money to a PDCU Youth account.

    • Transfer money directly into your child’s account. Use automatic transfers for chores or an allowance.
    • Deposit checks from your smartphone using Deposit@Mobile®.
    • Teach your teen how to deposit money at select ATMs.See note3

    Open a Youth Account Online

    Automatic savings

    Our savings tools provide easy ways to show your child how to save. When you have a PDCU checking account and are listed as the parent or guardian on your child’s PDCU Youth Savings account, you can:

    • Move small amounts from your checking account into your child’s savings account.
    • Select a portion of a regular deposit, like a paycheck, to transfer from your PDCU checking account to their savings account.
  • FAQs

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the age range?

    Our youth accounts are for ages 0-17.


    What’s a youth account?

    It’s a bank account that can help your kids and teens learn to manage money. Our youth accounts come with both a checking and saving account where parents are able to set up alerts and limits. Plus, you can guide your child through real-world experiences like using an ATM. There’s a minimum of $5 for the first deposit – and no monthly service fee.


    Who can open the youth account for a child?

    You must be the child’s parent, grandparent, or legal guardian to open and manage an account. As the joint account holder, you’ll be able to set up account alerts, parental controls, online access and more.

  • Rates

    Youth Accounts: Certificate of Deposits

    Rates Effective as of: 06-14-2024
    Minimum Deposit APY
    Below $10,0004.5%
    $10,000 and above 2.75%

    APY=Annual Percentage Yield.


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