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Report Lost or Stolen Cards

Lost your debit or credit card? Report it immediately.

Protect yourself from fraudulent activity.


If you believe your card has been lost/stolen, call immediately to report it.

If you’ve lost your People Driven Credit Union debit card or credit card, take immediate action to minimize the risk of unauthorized charges and protect yourself from potential fraud.

Report a lost or stolen Credit Card

Call Visa directly at 800-325-3678. Visa Will contact People Driven Credit Union Daily to re-issue a new credit card.

Report a lost or stolen ATM or Visa Debit Card

Call 888-241-2510; Or if you’re calling from outside the U.S., 1-909-941-1398.

Other Concerns

If there is anything else we can do for you please call People Driven Credit Union at 844-700-7328.


Profesionable, knowledgable and very friendly.

Kevin G - new member