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We've partnered with top-notch companies to offer our members affordable insurance.

Protect what matters most, your family.

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  • United Concordia Dental Insurance


    United Concordia Dental Insurance

    Open Enrollment is normally  each July.

    Ask us about this year’s open enrollment.

    United Concordia Dental Health Maintenance Organization benefits are provided to members and their families, including children under age 19 or full-time students up to 23 years of age. United Concordia DHMO is a program that emphasizes preventive care to help maintain dental health. We cover you for the kind of care that helps keep your teeth and gums healthy: exams, x-rays, cleanings, fluoride treatments. You’re also covered for out-of-town emergency care and 24-hour emergency care close to home, plus more extensive work like crowns, root canals, and bridges.

    You’ll really enjoy the convenience.

    You simply choose a dentist from our extensive network of participating providers in your area, and that dentist provides care for you and your family. When you need care, just call the dental office you have selected for an appointment. United Concordia has over 6,000 participating dentists from coast to coast, including many for you to choose from in greater Detroit, throughout Michigan, and in Toledo. With United Concordia DHMO there are no claim forms or pre-existing condition limitations. There’s no yearly maximum dollar limit, either, like many indemnity plans. For members who prefer to choose their own dentist, we have added the Concordia Flex Plan.

    If you have any questions or concerns about your coverage, just call United Concordia Member Services toll free at 1-866-357-3304 or visit their website.


  • Accidental Death And Dismemberment Insurance


    Accidental Death And Dismemberment Insurance


    As a member of the credit union age 18 or over, you are eligible for $1,000 of Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance. Premiums for this Basic Coverage will be paid for you by PDCU, with no cost to you. In order to put your coverage in force, you must complete the enrollment form. At age 70, coverage is reduced to $500. As long as you remain a member of the credit union and the Master Policy remains in force, your coverage will be renewed. The Group Master Policy is renewable annually. For higher levels of protection, including family coverage, you will be responsible to pay the quarterly premiums. If you have questions, you may contact the Insurance Clerk in our Member Services Department at 844-700-PDCU, or contact the Insurance Company directly at 1-800-252-2148.


  • TruStage: Insurance the credit union way


    TruStage: Insurance the credit union way


    Insurance protection is part of a solid financial plan. From getting a good rate on coverage for your car to making sure your life insurance is adequate, dependable insurance coverage ensures financial relief when you need it. And along the way, you’ll take comfort in knowing you’re protected.

    TruStage insurance products and programs help members protect what matters most. Backed by nearly 80 years of working in partnership with credit unions and their members, you’ll find products for life.car., AD&D, home and more. TruStage offers straightforward information, real value, and assurance. And it’s only for credit union members like you.

    To learn more, get quotes or just explore, visit trustage.com

    Health Insurance. Open Enrollment normally in November and/or December. You may also be able to enroll in health insurance at other times of significant life events. See the TruStage site for more information on enrollment.

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    TruStageT is a marketing brand used to identify products offered through CMFG Life Insurance Company and programs offered through CMFG Life insurance agencies to credit union members.



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Insurance products are not deposits, obligations of, or guaranteed by People Driven Credit Union, and are not insured by the National Credit Union Association (NCUA), the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund (NCUSIF), or any other agency of the United States or People Driven Credit Union. Any insurance required as a condition of an extension of credit by People Driven Credit Union need not be purchased from the insurance agency of the People Driven Credit Union and may be purchased from a licensed insurance company of your choice.