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Payroll Services

Simplify Your Business Payroll Process


A smart solution that simplifies your payroll process

Payroll for Today’s Businesses

  • Simple online payroll and HR supported by our award-winning customer service team
  • Payment options: direct deposit, electronic checks, paper checks, pay cards
  • Self-service for managers and employees, providing online access to paystubs and W-2s
  • 100+ reports with flexible filters for access to the information you need when you want it

Tax Filing Peace of Mind

Complex compliance requirements make payroll a challenge for many business owners. With Inova, an expert team of specialists will handle your payroll taxes, compliance, and any notices.

  • Nationwide federal, state and local tax filing, depositing, and reporting
  • Quarterly and annual returns, W-2s, and 1099s

Time and Labor Integration

Choose a simple, easy-to-use time and attendance system for a few employees or a sophisticated time and labor management solution to maximize your labor resources.

  • Save considerable time with a payroll integration that eliminates manual work and errors
  • Prevent employee time theft
  • Time clock options include online, mobile, biometric, proximity, and barcode

Reach out to us today at 248-263-4100 or drop us an email at businessservices@peopledrivencu.org. Discover the transformative potential of the People Driven Credit Card for your business’s upcoming growth journey