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Fraud Prevention

You work hard for your money. Let us work hard to help you protect it.

Protect Your Business


Protect Your Business with PDCU Fraud Prevention

In today’s growing cyber environment, protecting your business is paramount. Our advanced technological solutions can help you prevent, recognize, and report scams and fraud. Enhanced reporting and simplified transaction monitoring help provide the controls and protections you need to help prevent loss from fraudulent activity.

  • Flexibility – Digitally confirms check information
  • Security – Ensures only valid checks get cashed
  • Protection – Prevent unauthorized payments

Add a Level of Security

  1. You upload check file(s) to the credit union. Positive Pay compares each check to the file information when checks are presented for payment. Checks that do not match the file are presented online for your review.
  2. You review, approve, or reject potential counterfeit checks before clearing your account.

Reach out to us today at 248-263-4100 or drop us an email at businessservices@peopledrivencu.org. Discover the transformative potential of the People Driven Credit Card for your business’s upcoming growth journey.