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What is the Ronald McDonald House Charities Detroit?

On Wednesday, November 21, 2018, six staff members of PDCU went to the Ronald McDonald House at the Detroit Children’s Hospital (DMC) to make a hot breakfast for the residents staying there while their children were in the hospital, so they could feel a caring holiday kindness during their trying time!  This was part of our 90th Anniversary, “90 Acts of Kindness” campaign!

Transcript – Featuring:

  • PDCU Employees: Nicole Dalton & Dave Sullivan
  • Mike McCoy – Event Director & Property Manager for Ronald McDonald House
  • Videography by young member, Ciara


Nicole:  Wecome to the Ronald McDonald House!  We’re serving the residents this morning and we are so glad that we’re here, doing something thankful for Thanksgiving.

Mike:  The Ronald McDonald House is a home away from home for families that stay with us while their children are in the hospital.  Being taken care of and stuff like that.  The families come here.  They get off the elevator.  They sit at registration, here.  They fill out their forms there and then we give them a nice tour of this whole building.

Dave:    It’s a beautiful building!

Mike:  It’s a gorgeous building!  We have 26 bedrooms in this location, here.  They stay as long as they want.  We’ve had people over a year they have stayed with us.

Dave:    Wow!

Mike:  We ask for $10 a night, if they can afford it.  But many, many, many of them can’t.  So through my fundraising, we raise money, so that no one’s ever turned away.  Someone can always stay here whether they can afford it, or not.  We adopt families here.  I think I heard that 3 or 4 families are being adopted right now.

Dave:    That’s amazing!

Mike:  It’s just beautiful!  It’s wonderful!  And they come to us, like I said, from all over the world!  And we are very blessed because we do have four [Ronald McDonald Houses] here in Michigan.  We have one in Lansing, Ann Arbor, Us and Grand Rapids.  So it’s very, very nice.  We’ve been here 3 years.  We’ll give you a real nice tour after we’re all said and done.  Any other questions?

Dave:    No, I think that’s it.