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Special People Driven Offers


During this time of international crisis People Driven CU is offering 3 ways to aid our members:

  1. 0% interest loan* with no payments up to 90 days (apply now)
  2. 2-month Skip a payment on existing PDCU personal, RV and auto loans*
  3. 2-month Skip a payment on PDCU credit cards*

Existing PDCU Members may apply for the 0% interest loan* here.

To apply for either skip-a-pay option:

  • Log in to Online Banking (not the mobile app)
  • Click the “Services” tab
  • Select “Skip a Loan Payment” from the list
  • Select the loan(s) from the list of your eligible loans
  • Complete the online form and submit it online
  • OR – if you are unable to complete the online form, you may print this skip-a-payment form and submit it by mail

Video Transcript:

Hey, everybody, my name is Jeff DeShane. I am the Vice President of Lending at People Driven Credit Union.

We’re offering our membership three things during this time of need:

The first one is a 0% interest rate loan* with no payments for 90 days.

Second, we’re offering a skip-payment program for up to two months on the following existing PDCU loans: auto loans, unsecured personal loans, and recreational vehicle loans.

The third offer is a skip-payment for May & June on PDCU credit cards.

If you’d like to take advantage of any of these options, please give us a call at (248) 263-4100

Or visit us online at www.PeopleDrivenCU.org


*APR= Annual Percentage Rate. Limited time offer. People Driven Credit Union may end this offer at any time. 0% Personal loan and both skip-payment offers are only available for existing People Driven Credit Union members. All offers are subject to credit review. This message is not a guarantee of credit. See the video for lending payment disclosure.