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People Driven Credit Union Review


This is Derrick, and I been a member for some years now. I am just calling to once again just give People Driven Credit Union Review and a shoutout.

I am always amazed at the level of customer service, the next level of customer service that you all provide, Julia over in loans. In fact, this is her second loan with me in the matter of about 45 days a car loan and a consolidation loan.

You all have been extremely helpful in my life, and I want to extend a hearty thank you to the entire team. Julia, Destiny, I can’t think of a young lady’s name who called me to close the car loan. She was amazing working from home.

All the kind things that you all do, and I again say it wherever I go. I bought the new people into People Driven Credit Union to become members, but I had to tell you, Dean, Julia was just outstanding. You all called to see how I was doing during my Mom’s death some years ago, and I mean you all continue to be amazing, and I just felt that it was important that I leave this message of encouragement to you and the leadership at a continued great work that you all do.

I cannot say it any more than that. Thank you, thank you. Have a great, great day, and continue to stay safe. Thank you.