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How People Driven Credit Union raised my credit score 48 points in less than a month.


Hi, my name is Carla, and I am a credit union member at People Driven Credit Union.

I am as well an accounting clerk at the credit union. I recently decided that I wanted to purchase a home. I knew my credit score wasn’t where I wanted it to be, so I talked to one of the loan people here at the credit union, Julia.

She advised me on what I needed to do, which was to pay down some of my credit card debt and open, unsecured loans that I had with the higher interest rates so I was able to do a bill consolidation loan through the credit union I consolidated maybe four credit cards that I had and two unsecured loans.

I did this at the end of December. It’s only the middle of January, and my credit score has already gone up 48 points. My plan is to start looking into a mortgage, seeing my options and moving forward.

Thanks to People Driven Credit Union for the consolidation loan and for helping me improve my credit score.

How I raised my credit score 48 points

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