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New product with our partners at GreenPath financial wellness

GreenPath Financial Wellness

We are so happy to be one of the first credit unions to offer our an AI coach that can allow you to access your TransUnion Vantage score with specific instructions on your current situation. It will also list ways to specifically improve their credit score. It’s 100% free so try it today!

Virtual Financial Coach

Now available the Virtual Financial Coach uses award-winning AI and digital engagement technology to deliver 24/7 personalized guidance.

The Virtual Financial Coach is a secure experience offering personalized advice 24/7 on any smartphone or computer.

Through text-based conversation, users receive coaching to establish financial goals and get advice on actions they can take to reach them.

The Virtual Financial Coach shares friendly step-by-step guidance based on the user’s interests and priorities. Users get bite-sized action steps and motivational nudges to encourage progress and celebrate success.

A New Resource for the People We Serve

  • Personalized action plans to help people achieve their goals
  • Ease of use to encourage adoption
  • Friendly, timely step-by-step guidance to ensure success
  • Personalized advice – tailored to the user’s situation and goals
  • Ongoing support to keep users on track
  • Easy access to GreenPath’s team of financial counselors

Providing Options to Move Forward

The Virtual Financial Coach delivers financial guidance that is:
  • Personalized using context and conversation to help build an action plan that meets an individual’s unique needs and goals.
  • Proven, leveraging GreenPath’s 60 years of experience successfully counseling millions of Americans and eGain’s award-winning technology.
  • Caring, concise, and jargon-free, with actionable steps and options to improve financial health.
  • Motivational through ongoing behavioral nudges to encourage and celebrate progress.

Watch the Demo