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Breaking Barriers for Kids

Community Empowerment: People Driven Credit Union Partners w/ Breaking Barriers for Kids & Families

We believe in the strength of community and the significance of backing organizations that create meaningful impacts in people’s lives. We’re thrilled to partner with Breaking Barriers for Kids and Families—a local nonprofit dedicated to removing obstacles and empowering children and families to thrive.

We had the pleasure of speaking with Ann from Breaking Barriers. Ann shared insights into their organization’s vital work. Focusing on providing educational enrichment opportunities and nutritional support and addressing various barriers to learning for school-age children and their families in Livonia, Wayne, and Oakland County.

Breaking Barriers offers continuous support and addresses individual family needs such as nutrition and supplemental housing. They prioritize personalized care and support for each family, ensuring no obstacle to a child’s education and well-being.

As part of our commitment to community impact, we proudly present Breaking Barriers with a community funding check to support their essential work. Ann expressed gratitude for our contribution, emphasizing that every penny goes directly to those in need, thanks to their volunteer-driven organization.

At People Driven Credit Union, we’re honored to support organizations like Breaking Barriers for Kids & Families that exemplify the spirit of community and positively impact countless lives. Together, we’re building a brighter future for our community, one partnership at a time.

How you can help make a difference for children and families

To learn more about Breaking Barriers for Kids & Families and how you can get involved or access their services, visit their website at Breaking Barriers for Kids and Families.

Video Transcript:

Dave Sullivan: Hi everybody, Dave Sullivan here, part of the marketing team at Peop Driven Credit Union. I have a special guest.

Julia: I’m the community development manager at People Driven Credit Union.

Miranda: I’m Miranda, and I’m the branch manager.

Ann: And I’m Ann, representing Breaking Barriers for Kids and Families. We’re located here in Livonia. Our main headquarters is here, and we are spread out throughout Wayne and Oakland County.

Dave Sullivan: What does your organization provide?

Ann: We really look at the needs of students, of course. We branch out above and below that age as we find out some needs, but we focus on school-age children and make sure any barriers to learning and their education are met, be it through educational enrichment opportunities or nutrition.

Dave Sullivan: Is it after school, or is it on weekends, or when do you normally…?

Ann: All of the above, all of the above. It is continuous support for families, be it through nutritional or food needs, sometimes it is supplemental housing. We really look at each case individually.

Dave Sullivan: That’s great. If people wanted to reach out to your organization, how would they do that?

Ann: We have a website, Breaking Barriers for Kids and Families, and you can find that if you were to look that up.

Dave Sullivan: Great. Well, we do have a little something here for you. We put together some community funding, and we wanted to present this check to you today.

Ann: You said a little something; this is kind of a big something.

Dave Sullivan: Good, well we’re happy to do it, and we hope you can put it to good use.

Ann: We always put it to good use. One of the things that we are so proud of is that we are a completely volunteer-driven organization. People often wonder how much overhead and administrative costs this has. I can very carefully say that all of this money, every last penny, goes directly to worthy recipients.

Dave Sullivan: And so important, and we do appreciate it. Thanks for being a part of the community.

Ann: Well, thank you for having us, and thank you so much for this, it will be put to excellent use.