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Managing Your Credit Card

Managing Your Transactions, Rewards, and Statements Guide;

Welcome to our guide on managing your People Driven Credit Union (PDCU) credit card using the MyPDCU banking app or online banking portal. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through how to efficiently monitor your credit card transactions, review your reward points, access account information, and view and download statements—all within the convenience of our digital banking platform.

Reviewing Credit Card Transactions and Rewards:

To review your credit card transactions and accumulated reward points, navigate to the accounts tab in the main menu of the MyPDCU app. Here, you’ll find an overview of your recent purchases, payments, and the status of your reward points.

Accessing Account Information:

Click on the accounts tab within the app’s main menu. View and manage your credit card account details.

Viewing Statements:

To view your statements digitally, click on ‘Estatements.’

Downloading Statements:

To retain records of your financial history, you can download statements for the past six months directly from the MyPDCU app. If you require statements older than six months, please contact our credit union office for personalized assistance.

Manage Your PDCU Credit Card On the App and Online

Empower yourself with the tools and resources offered by the MyPDCU banking app to effectively manage your PDCU credit card transactions, monitor reward points, and stay informed with digital statements. Enjoy greater control over your finances with People Driven Credit Union’s banking solutions.