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Jugging: A Guide for People Driven Members

Navigating the Rise of Jugging

Understanding the Threat: Jugging in Focus

A troubling crime trend known as “jugging” has been increasing across the country. Jugging, or bank jugging, involves criminals targeting individuals as they exit financial institutions, ATMs, or drive-thrus with cash. Perpetrators typically observe their victims from a distance, sometimes using binoculars, and follow them to their next location to commit the robbery.

Jugging: A Closer Look

Jugging is a crime of opportunity. Criminals often select their targets based on visible cues like cash in hand, bank envelopes, or cash bags. The crime can occur on the premises of the financial institution or at another location, like the victim’s home or another business stop. Increasingly, perpetrators are using social media to identify potential targets by monitoring check-ins and financial transactions posted online. Law enforcement agencies are urging the public to remain vigilant and avoid displaying cash or financial documents in public.

Recognizing and Preventing Jugging

It is essential to be alert to this growing crime trend. Here are some key tips to help you identify and avoid becoming a victim of jugging:

  1. Be Aware of Surroundings: Credit union members should be vigilant of suspicious persons or vehicles near the premises.
  2. Record Suspicious Activity: Note descriptions of suspicious individuals, vehicles, license numbers, and time of sighting.
  3. Stay Vigilant at the Credit Union: Always be cautious and observant when you’re getting in or out of your car at the credit union. If you spot anyone or any vehicle that seems out of place or is paying too much attention to you, trust your gut feeling and act defensively.
  4. Limit Large Cash Transactions: As much as possible, try to avoid withdrawing large amounts of cash. When it’s necessary, keep the cash hidden in an unobtrusive wallet or envelope.
  5. Mix Up Your Financial Habits: Change the times and locations of your banking activities. This unpredictability makes it harder for potential thieves to pinpoint you.
  6. Stay in Groups: People who are in groups and pay attention to their environment are less likely to become targets.
  7. Conceal Your Valuables: Keep your cash, wallets, and purses out of sight. Before you reach your destination, securely store them in hidden areas of your vehicle like the trunk.
  8. Utilize Drive-Thru Services: Opt for drive-thru or drive-thru ATMs for banking, as they reduce the risk of exposure to potential thieves. Using mobile banking apps or online transfers is a safer alternative to carrying large amounts of cash.
  9. Be Cautious at ATMs: If something seems off at the ATM, stop your transaction and leave the area promptly. Avoid help from strangers when using an ATM.
  10. Discreetly Handle Cash at ATMs: Avoid counting or showing your cash openly. Instead, quickly put it away as soon as the transaction is complete, along with your card and receipt. Check the amount later in a secure place.
  11. Respond to Being Followed: If you suspect that someone is following you after a banking transaction, head straight to a crowded and well-lit area and contact the police.

Stay Safe

Watch this video from Crime Stop Houston on how to keep yourself safe from being a victim of Jugging.

Final Thoughts

At People Driven Credit Union, the safety of our members and employees is paramount. Understanding and mitigating the risks associated with jugging is a shared responsibility. Through awareness, vigilance, and strategic safety measures, we can collectively work towards a safer environment for all our members and staff.