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There is no service fee charged to People Driven Credit Union members at ATMs through the following providers.


Offers as many as 30,000 ATMs nationwide

Find a Co-Op ATM

Alliance One

Offers as many as 4979 ATMs

Find an Alliance One ATM

Surcharge- and service-fee-free ATMs!

PDCU members can avoid an ATM surcharge by using an ATM at which the Alliance One Opens a New Window. logo is displayed. With thousands of ATMs now available in 7-Eleven stores, PDCU members have access to more than 25,000 surcharge-free ATMs nationwide.

  • Alliance One ATM Locations Opens a New Window.
  • Phone in ATM Locator: The CO-OP Network phone-in ATM locater is a fast and easy way to find one of over 30,000 surcharge-free ATMs. Using any phone, simply say a street address or cross street to find the nearest location — whether it’s 100 feet or 25 miles away. Phone 888-SITECOOP, or 888-748-3266, to see how easy it can be!
  • Find out how you can make every ATM, your ATM with free Kasasa┬« checking.
  • * ATM for Withdrawals only – No deposits

    People Driven Credit Union members can use their PDCU ATM card or VISA Debit Card at any NYCE, CIRRUS, or CO-OP Network ATM machine, or at any merchant displaying the NYCE logo.

    PDCU members pay NO SURCHARGES OR FEES for transactions at any ATM owned by PDCU.

    PDCU members pay NO SURCHARGES at hundreds of ATMs in the Detroit area and more than 30,000 ATMs nationwide. (See SURCHARGE-FREE ATMs, below).

    PDCU members pay a $1.50 fee for withdrawals made at machines not owned by PDCU. However, the first four withdrawals in a month are FREE if you

    (a) have Direct Deposit of at least $400 per month of paycheck or other recurring deposit;

    (b) have at least $1,000 in any Savings Account other than Checking;

    (c) are a Senior Power Pack member; or,

    The first ten withdrawals per month are free for members under age 23.

2019 Holiday Closures

Our branches are closed to observe the federal holidays below. If you need help, you can always contact us by phone or email.