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Our 90 Acts of Kindness Goal was completed!

As part of PDCU’s 90th Anniversary – 90 Acts of Kindness campaign, PDCU paid $1,928 in outstanding lunch accounts to the senior class of Southfield High School.  This amount was in honor of the credit union’s founding in 1928.

Transcription of a portion of the Southfield Board of Education meeting, December 11th, 2018.

Featuring Southfield High School for the Arts and Technology Student Council members:

  • Tyson Price
  • India Fizer
  • Sharonda Chiangong
  • Bianca Cato


In our random acts of kindness campaign, buildings school-wide use kindness to serve each other in a positive way.  This season is not just about giving gifts, but helping eac hother and demonstrating kindness through our actions.  And it is our collective goal to make this the Warrior way; Not just during December, but to bring cheer throughout the year.



We are so proud to announce that the People Driven Credit Union here in Southfield chose the home of the Warriors to extend a “Random Act of Kindness” to the class of 2019.  [They] offered to pay the outstanding lunch bill for current seniors, since they have so many expenses during senior year.  At the time of Mr. Sullivan’s inquiry, the debt was $1,908.91.  They decided to round the amount up to the year that the credit union was opened, which was 1928.  The People Driven Credit Union truly cares about our warriors and gave us a check for the total amount of $1,928, which we are extremely grateful for.  Thus, on behalf of the class of 2019 in Southfield High School for the Arts and Technology, we want to thank People Driven Credit Union for their generosity and acknowledge that they are an example in our community, that Kindness counts.