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Fifth Degree North Interview

Fifth Degree North Interview

Dave: Hi everybody! Dave Sullivan here, part of the marketing team here at People Driven Credit Union, with…

Tim: Tim Milz, Fifth Degree North Coffee Roasters.

Dave: Tim, you’re going to be here during the peach festival at the credit union we have here in Romeo. Do you have another location?

Tim: Yes, we’re over on 33 mile and Powell Rd. right here in Romeo, that’s where our Roasters are located.

Dave: and it’s in a strip mall, or a … ?

Tim: It’s actually like an industrial center that’s specifically for roasting.

Dave: But can people come in and buy coffee?

Tim: Absolutely! We have a small retail section there where people can come in and tour the business, and buy whole beans.

Dave: You also have this amazing little VW Van. Why don’t you tell me a little bit about it.

Tim: Sure! It’s a 1967 VW Bus. We bought it actually just west of Chicago. We restored it and turned it into a mobile coffee delivery vehicle. sixty-seven is kind of unique because it’s the last year they put the split window in front. After this, they made it all one window. So it’s kind of unique pop art.

David: There are many people who are avid VW van fans, obviously. What type of van is it? Is it the standard van?

Tim: It’s the standard van, yeah. The 21 window would be a lot more expensive!

David: Well, it’s a beautiful Van and you did a great job restoring it. What can people buy out of this location, The mobile bus?

Tim: Sure! We have hot coffee and we have iced coffee and we have a specialty frozen coffee that’s actually a recipe we learned down in Columbia, when we visited the coffee farm. Plus, what we like to call our famous strawberry fruit smoothie. All natural, really good on a day like today.

Dave: When will you be here at the People Driven Credit Union Romeo Branch?

Tim: Sure, we’re gonna be here today through Monday 9:00 until closing. We’ll see how many people come through and how busy it gets. But we’ll be here at least until 6:00. Dave: Well, we’re very happy to have you. We hope we can do this every year. and we look forward to it. So hopefully, if you are at the Peach Festival this weekend, please stop by and see us. There’s lots to do, here.

Tim: Very good. Thank you, I appreciate it!

Fifth Degree North Interview
Fifth Degree North Interview