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Do PDCU Members Get Discounts on Dental Insurance?

United Concordia Dental is pleased to serve the dental insurance needs of People Driven Credit Union members and their families. People Driven Credit Union and United Concordia are partners because we care about your and your family’s oral health.

Oral health problems often tax the immune system, exposing you to a greater risk of illness and infection. To help maintain a healthier smile and a healthier you, we encourage you to follow the advice of your dentist and the American Dental Association. Your dental plan emphasizes preventive care to help avoid costly procedures commonly caused by delayed treatment.

What plans are available? – People Driven Credit Union members have the choice of three plan options, including Concordia Plus MI 20 Series(DHMO), Concordia Plus MI 40 Series (DHMO), or Concordia Flex (FFS).

  • Both Concordia Plus plans are managed care plans that require you to pre-select a primary dental office (PDO) from our Concordia Plus network for each of your covered family members and yourself. Each family member may select a different PDO. These plans reduce out-of-pocket costs as they feature no deductibles or annual maximum.
  • Concordia Flex is a fee-for-service (FFS) plan that provides access to many practicing locations through our Advantage Plus network. Suppose your dentist does not currently participate in our network. In that case, you may still use your dentist, but your out-of-pocket expenses will likely be higher. Visiting one of our network dentists helps lower out-of-pocket costs and eliminates the need to fill out claim forms.

The plans include the Davis Vision Discount Program, which offers discounts on eye exams, eyewear, and laser vision correction. See the Davis Vision Discount Program flyer for more information.

How do I find a dentist? – If you would like to locate a participating dentist or check on the participation status of your current dentist, click on the button below:

What if I have a question? – If you have a question about your dental benefits prior to being enrolled in the program, email United Concordia Dental Customer Service or call the appropriate toll-free Customer Service number. After you are enrolled, visit My Dental Benefits for online access to your benefits detail, claim history, claim status, eligibility information and more!