Technology Upgrade and Conversion

People Driven CU is upgrading our core computer system. In addition to making our operations more efficient and reducing cost, the conversion will bring new services and features for our members. We are excited for the new system and how it will help us build People Driven CU into a better credit union!

Notice of Service Interruption

Friday, June 29 (6pm) through Monday, July 2

Since our entire core computer system will be updated, our systems will be down for several days. Most services will be unavailable or limited. We want to make sure that our members are prepared for the conversion weekend service interruption:

  • All People Driven CU branches will be closed Saturday, June 30 and Monday, July 2. No Service Center transactions.
  • No access to Online Banking, QT-Telephone Teller or Mobile Banking app from Friday evening through Monday.
  • Online Banking BillPays scheduled to happen during the conversion weekend WILL be paid.
  • Debit cards and ATM cards will be available at limited amounts
  • No Courtesy Pay or Overdraft Protection
  • Visa credit cards will be available at normal limits
  • You may write a check from your People Driven CU account.

We recommend you withdraw extra cash and take care of any special transactions before the service interruption dates.

New Online Banking – First Sign-in

When systems come back online, you will be able to log into our new Online Banking using your existing username. However, you will need to set new security questions and a new password on your first login.

Your first-time password will be, "PDCU"+the last 4 digits of the primary member's social security number. i.e. if the primary members SS# is 111-11-1111, the first time login will be: PDCU1111.

Note - if your old username started with a number or contained any special character (such as: >., !, @, #, $, &, etc...) you will need to create a new username without special characters and that starts with a letter. For your first time login, enter your member number and the temporary password as described above.

New BillPay Service

For our members who use People Driven CU's FREE BillPay service through Online Banking

  • The good news is that your payee list and scheduled payments will be brought forward into the new FREE BillPay service.
  • The bad news is that past payment history will not be brought forward. We recommend that you print any past payment history that you may need to refer to. Or, you can find past payment history in your account statements.
  • The BETTER news is that the new FREE BillPay will offer more advanced options for sending money directly to people or your accounts at other institutions!

All BillPays scheduled during the conversion will happen, as scheduled.

The BillPay page in Online Banking will be turned off before the conversion, on Monday, June 25. You will not be able to enter new BillPays or edit payments already scheduled. But anything already on the calendar will happen as scheduled.

New Service – Remote Deposit Capture

Deposit Checks right from your phone or other mobile device by taking a picture.

This will provide members with easier access to their money and eliminate the need to come into a branch or deposit by ATM. Remote Deposit Capture will be a feature of our new Online Banking service.

New Mobile App

The Mobile Banking App provides easy access to your accounts, anytime/anywhere, from your phone or other mobile device. The previous PDCU Mobile App will be deactivated on Monday June 25. A new Mobile App will be available for free download from the Google Play or Apple Store starting July 3.

We recommend that you uninstall the old app before installing the new one, to avoid confusion. Your first login will be the same as the information provided above, under "New Online Banking - First Sign-in."

iTalk – the New Telephone Teller

QT-Telephone Teller will be replaced by the new iTalk. iTalk will still be accessed through our main toll-free phone number (844) 700-7328. It will offer the same type of service as QT, plus more options. Please refer to page 4 of our Technology Upgrade Newsletter for a list of some of the new codes and functions of iTalk-Telephone Teller.

Technology Upgrade FAQ

Why is People Driven CU (PDCU) upgrading to a new technology system?

We decided to upgrade our system after careful consideration. The new system will be easier to operate for our staff, allowing us to concentrate more resources toward serving our members. It will also provide a better foundation for offering updated services that our members have been asking for, such as mobile deposit and person-to-person transfers, enhanced security, improved lending delivery and easier implementation of future service improvements.

Can I access PDCU ATMs and my PDCU debit card during the technology upgrade?

PDCU ATM machines will be operational during the conversion weekend. If you try to check a balance at any ATM, it will show your available balance as zero. ATM and debit cards may be used at other ATMs or point-of-sale at limited amounts for the weekend.

Can I access my PDCU Visa credit card during the upgrade?

PDCU Visa credit cards will be fully operational, with no change to limits, during the conversion weekend.

Do I need to order a debit card/credit card/checks after the upgrade?

No. Unless PDCU contacts you personally before the conversion about a change in your account (which is rare), you will not have any change to your cards or checks and may continue to use them after the conversion.

Will my direct deposit and automatic payments continue to post after the upgrade?

Yes, direct deposits and automatic payments will continue as normal after the upgrade. Any electronic deposits/payments scheduled during the conversion dates will happen before or after the conversion, depending on when the files are received.

When my direct deposit comes into my account, I have automatic allocations that distribute the deposit between multiple accounts. Will automatic allocations continue after the conversion?

We expect all automatic allocations to continue after the upgrade. However, we recommend as good standard practice that members monitor their account history or PDCU statement for the first couple of payments to make sure that all allocations happen as expected.

How will the technology upgrade affect my account statement/eStatement?

Members will receive their statements or eStatements as normal. The new statements will have a new look, but they will offer the same information that you are used to.

Is my account number changing?

No. Unless PDCU contacts you personally before the conversion about a change in your account (which is rare), your account number will stay the same.

Will I need to re-enter my BillPay payees and/or scheduled payments?

After the conversion, we will have a new BillPay service. PDCU knows how important it is for our members to be able to depend on BillPay. Your payee list and scheduled payments will be brought forward into the new BillPay. HOWEVER, payment history will not be brought forward. We recommend that you print a copy of your payment history for payees before the conversion. Or you can always refer to your past statements for proof of payment.

We recommend as good practice to check your scheduled BillPays as soon as you can after conversion. Make sure that your calendar of scheduled payments looks as it should.

Will Online Banking be available during the upgrade?

Online Banking and the PDCU Mobile App will NOT be available during the 4 days of the upgrade. Online Banking will be down between Friday, June 29 at 6 pm, through Monday, June 2. The Mobile App and BillPay will be down between Monday June 25, through Monday June 2.

Will I be able to view past online eStatements or history in Online Banking?

If you are currently enrolled to receive eStatements, you will continue to receive them after the technology upgrade.

In the old eStatement, you could only view the past 12 months of statements. At the time of the conversion, you will be able to view 16 months of eStatements. This will increase each month until eventually you will be able to view a full 36 months of statements!

In the old Online Banking, you could view up to 12 months of account history. At the time of the conversion you will be able to view only three months of history in Online Banking and no history in the Mobile App, but this will increase each month until eventually you will be able to view a full 36 months of history!

For more information about the upcoming Technology Upgrade and Service Interruption,

Friday June 29 through Monday, July 2,

please see our special edition, Technology Upgrade Newsletter.

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