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Privacy & Disclosures


Privacy & Disclosures

Privacy Notice

Patriot Act

Internet Privacy Policy

Privacy of Children

Protecting your Identity


Please note: At People Driven Credit Union, ensuring your privacy and protection is our priority. We will never contact you and ask you to reveal your personal or account log-in information. If you are contacted and asked to reveal personal information, please contact us immediately.


Circumstances when we may contact you include:

  • Debit Card transaction verification: “Jill” from Co-Op Services may contact you by phone to verify transactions performed on your debit card if they suspect the possibility of fraudulent activity. You may be asked to confirm specific transactions were performed by you or another authorized cardholder. “Jill” will not ask you to provide information but may ask you to verify that information is valid.
  • Visa Card Services may also contact you to verify specific credit card transactions are valid and authorized but will not ask you to provide log-in or other personal information.
  • A PDCU Representative may contact you and ask you to verify specific information from your account is true. However, if we contact you, we will not ask you to provide personal information.


The National Credit Union Association and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau both provide information on protecting your identity and internet security:


Consumer Financial Protection Bureau – search for “Identity Theft.”

National Credit Union Association information on protecting your identity:

Scams Targeting Seniors

Prevent Identity Theft

To help protect your online banking identity, it is recommended that you update your password and check your account transactions for any unrecognized transactions periodically.

If you suspect that your PDCU account identity has been compromised, please contact us immediately.

If you suspect that your Visa Credit Cards or debit cards have been lost or stolen, please contact us immediately.

Reporting of Rewards Income:

Please note: Program rewards are considered interest and will be reported on IRS Form 1099-INT. Program rewards may include but are not limited to: Friends and Family Rewards or other special program rewards.