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TruStage – Insurance the Credit Union Way

Don Murphy of CUNA Mutual met with us, to share about the valuable protection our members are eligible for through TruStage Insurance. Auto/Home/and AD&D insurance, the Credit Union Way!

Find out how you can get your Insurance the CU way


Hi everybody! Dave Sullivan here, for People Driven Credit Union, part of the marketing team. I’ve got a very special guest:

Hi! I’m Don Murphy with CUNA Mutual Group. I am a specialist for the TruStage program that People Driven Credit Union endorses.

Dave: Don, how long have we worked together, with you guys?

Don: The partnership between People Driven and CUNA Mutual group is about eight years, now. The TruStage program has three primary products: auto and home insurance, which most of your members are going to need, accidental death & dismemberment (AD&D) and life insurance.

Dave: Everybody knows what life insurance is. But why don’t you tell us a little bit about AD&D insurance?

Don: Accidental Death & Dismemberment is what it sounds like. So, if you were to pass away from an accident or had a terrible injury, whether that’s at work or or anyplace else, AD&D is going to pay out a claim based on what happens. For many credit union members, it can be a starting point into insurance, if life insurance isn’t affordable right now, for them.

Dave: Will it cover if they get hurt, or if they were to lose a limb in an an accident, outside of an auto accident?

Don: Absolutely! that’s exactly what dismemberment means, things like loss of sight, hearing, lose of a limb; those are going to be the types of injuries that are covered. Most of it is event agnostic. So it may not matter whether it’s an auto accident, sporting accident, etc.

Dave: But far more likely to happen than death, right?

Don: Statistically, yes! That’s why it’s important and that’s why we market it directly to credit union members for awareness and to help members get a starting point, if coverage is something that they just haven’t thought of because of affordability.

Dave: In Metro Detroit, our insurance rates are very high. Highest in the nation.

Don: Usually highest in the nation, the last couple of years.

Dave: That’s partly because of laws and the accident rate. But a lot of our members have taken advantage of shopping for insurance on a regular basis and reaching out to TruStage to compare rates. How often do you think somebody should do that?

Don: Annually is probably a pretty good cadence. More often than that and you might not have enough change in your history to see much savings in changing. So annually is what we recommend.

Dave: And you want to be careful with your credit and your driving record, right?

Don: Absolutely! Both of those can contribute to what you pay for your auto insurance.

Dave: What makes you guys better for our members? Why should members consider shopping with us for their insurance?

Don: That’s a great question! I appreciate the question! TruStage is insurance the credit union way. That’s the way that we built this program. CUNA Mutual Group is a credit union only insurance company, and TruStage is the platform for these consumer insurance products. This program has about 37 years of history, protecting credit union members. We now protect over 20 million credit union members across the US and about 86% of credit unions endorse this program. On the auto side specifically, we partner with Liberty Mutual because they meet the standards that we demand for credit union members in terms of service, claims, affordability. Liberty Mutual has built in a 10% discount on auto coverage for credit union members; 5% on home. Those discounts are why most credit members in Michigan can save money by moving to Liberty Mutual.

Dave: We’ve found that far more of our members are taking advantage of this discount than other credit unions in the area. So hopefully, you can go to our website and get a quote.

Don: Absolutely! members can go directly from the People Driven website to TruStage.com. You can initiate a quote online or over the phone. Those are the two ways that we would recommend getting started. I would recommend for most members to call us, even if you are 90% of the way through an auto insurance quote. Liberty Mutual has a section of their call center only for this true stage program. They have about a hundred and twenty dedicated agents, only for credit union members, to ensure that you’re getting the discounts that you should get; that the coverages are correct; So that you’re not sacrificing coverage for cost, which is a mistake! So don’t ever hesitate to pick up the phone If you’re a credit union member and make sure that your quote is getting you what you should.

Dave: Great! Well, I appreciate you coming in. Hopefully, our members will take advantage of this. I know I have and have saved money. Like I said, you really need to shop and compare once a year.