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CACU Merger Schedule of Events

Starting Monday, March 13th, all members can use the login button
on the upper right corner of every page on our website. Please update your bookmarks and download the People Driven App.
Your username and password will remain the same. If you don’t remember your password, please reset it using the “forgot password” option.


On January 1st, Community Alliance Credit Union became People Driven Credit Union. The final phase of this merger occurs on March 13th, when our system integration takes place. Our entire team has spent months preparing for a smooth transition for our members. Below you’ll find a comprehensive overview of our merger integration and what you can expect from People Driven Credit Union moving forward. Don’t hesitate to contact us at (800) 287-0046 if you have any questions or concerns. Click here for the full disclosure.

Merger Integration Schedule of Events

Saturday, March 11th
• CACU Drive-Thru will not be open
• Shared branch locations unavailable
• Although debit and ATM card access is available, consider using your CACU credit card to pay for large purchases
• Online Banking, Mobile App, and iTalk telephone banking unavailable
• No Account alerts will be sent
• CACU Mobile App is removed from the app stores
• Please delete existing CACU apps as well as bookmarks related to communityalliancecu.org
Sunday, March 12th
• Online Banking, Mobile App and iTalk telephone banking unavailable
• Although debit and ATM card access is available, consider using your CACU credit card to pay for large purchases
• No account alerts will be sent

Monday, March 13th
• All branches open for normal business hours
• Online Banking, Mobile App and iTalk telephone banking available. Download the PDCU Mobile App in your device’s app store.
• Set up account alerts in the new digital banking platform.
• Activate and use your new PDCU debit card. Your CACU debit card will no longer work.
Monday, March 13th thru Friday, March 17th
• Extended Contact Center Hours 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Important Account Information

Bill Pay
If you use Bill Pay, PDCU is bringing over your bill pay history. Your payments will process as scheduled and recurring payments will not be impacted. Beginning March 13th, you will notice a difference in how payments are processed. Funds for payments will need to be available in the account at the time the transaction is requested, or the request will be cancelled.
Dividend Payments
All accrued dividends will be paid through March 10th. Normal dividend payment schedules will resume on March 13th.
All members will receive a final statement from the CACU system through March 10th. This statement will be delivered by mail or electronically based on your previous statement preferences. PDCU is moving over the previous twelve months of e-statements for CACU members.
Check History
You will not be able to access images of any previous checks that have cleared your account beginning March 11th. If you need a copy or image of a particular check, please reach out to (844) 700-7328 or (248) 263-4100 and we will assist you with this request.

What’s Staying the Same

Account Number
Your account number remains the same.
Online Banking/Mobile App Login Credentials
You can continue to use the same username and password to log in to the mobile app and online banking.
ATM Access
You will continue to enjoy fee-free access to nearly 30,000 CO-OP Network ATMs for deposits and withdrawals. Visit co-opatm.org, text zip code to 91989 or download the CO-OP ATM Locator App to find the one nearest you.
You can continue to use your existing checks. Any future orders will be issued with the PDCU logo and Routing Transit Number. If you place your check orders through a third-party vendor, please make sure that after March 13th the Routing Transit Number is updated to 272484988.
Credit Cards
You can continue to use your existing CACU Visa Credit Card. You will receive a new PDCU Visa Credit Card in May.
Direct Deposit of Payroll, Pension and Social Security
Your existing direct deposits will continue to post to your accounts as they do today. If you need to make changes or establish a new direct deposit after March 13th, please use your account number and our new Routing Transit Number 272484988. PDCU posts direct deposits as they are received so you may find you’re receiving your deposits credited to your account up to two days early.
Electronic Withdrawals
Any electronic withdrawals from your account that have previously been established will process as they do today. If you are setting up new automatic withdrawals after March 13th, please use our new Routing Transit Number 272484988.
Loan Payment Due Dates
If you have a loan payment with us your due date remains the same. If your loan was set up for automatic payments, those payments will continue without interruption.

What’s New

Routing Transit Number
Our new routing number is 272484988. Please use this number with your account number when setting up any new automatic deposits or withdrawals.
Expanded Branch Network
On March 13th you will have access to four additional branch locations with deposit-automated ATMs. On that same day you can make an appointment online to meet with a Member Service Representative at any PDCU location. Appointments are available during regular business hours and are subject to availability.
New Visa Debit Card
If you have a CACU Debit Card, you will be receiving a PDCU Debit Card by the end of February. This card CANNOT be activated or used until March 13th. Your current card will no longer work on March 13th, and you will need to contact any merchants that have the old card number to update payment information. The phone number to activate the card is (866) 762-0558. Please call from the phone number on file with the credit union.
Expanded Field of Membership
Tell your friends and family – any Michigander is eligible to join! Membership is now available to anyone who lives, works, worships or goes to school anywhere in Michigan.
Saturday Hours
Beginning March 1st, our drive-thru at all branches will be open from 9:30 AM to 1:00 PM on Saturdays.
Phone Number
Beginning March 13th you will use (844) 700-7328 or (248) 263-4100 to contact the credit union.
Overdraft Protection/Courtesy Pay
If you qualify for Overdraft Protection/Courtesy Pay, the limit has increased to $1,000. See disclosures for additional details.