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Preventing Property Tax Foreclosure

In this insightful interview, Dave Sullivan of People Driven Credit Union engages with Robert Wittenberg, the Oakland County, MI Treasurer. Delving into the intricacies of property tax foreclosure, Robert elucidates proactive measures aimed at preventing foreclosures through meticulous notification and tailored repayment strategies. Moreover, he sheds light on the streamlined online foreclosure auction process, emphasizing the significance of early engagement and seeking assistance to navigate tax obligations effectively. This engaging conversation underscores the importance of understanding tax dynamics and accessing support resources when confronting such challenges.

An Interview with Oakland County, MI Treasurer, Robert Wittenberg

Dave Sullivan: Hello, everyone! I’m Dave Sullivan, part of the marketing team at People Driven Credit Union. Today, we’re joined by Robert Wittenberg from Oakland County. Robert, you’re the Oakland County Treasurer, right?

Robert Wittenberg: Yes, that’s correct.

Dave Sullivan: And this is an elected position that you’re currently running for again?

Robert Wittenberg: Exactly. I was first elected in 2020 and am up for re-election this year.

Dave Sullivan: I assume this presentation might impact your campaign. Today’s topic is property tax foreclosure, something we hope most people don’t face. Can you also talk about buying tax foreclosures?

Robert Wittenberg: Absolutely. It’s timely, as the foreclosure deadline just passed. I’ll explain the foreclosure process, a three-year timeline, and our goal to prevent foreclosures. For instance, taxes from 2022 will be subject to foreclosure in 2025. We notify property owners and encourage payments or repayment plans to avoid foreclosure.

Dave Sullivan: If someone doesn’t pay their taxes, say in 2024, they would be transferred to your office by 2025, with a foreclosure deadline in 2027, correct?

Robert Wittenberg: Exactly. We notify, add fees, and interest, trying to avoid reaching foreclosure. Our office is not just about foreclosure but helping people to pay their taxes.

Dave Sullivan: Could you also discuss the foreclosure auction process and how one can participate?

Robert Wittenberg: Sure. The auction is online, and participants can bid on properties. We started this digital process in 2022. Winners are notified shortly after the auction to complete their payments and acquire the property.

Dave Sullivan: Can people follow your election campaign or get more information on these topics?

Robert Wittenberg: Yes, they can find information on our website or contact my office directly. I encourage people to reach out early for assistance with tax issues to explore all available options.

Dave Sullivan: Thank you, Robert. It’s important for people to know there are options and assistance available, including potentially from People Driven Credit Union.

Robert Wittenberg: Absolutely. Early engagement is key. We’re here to help and work with individuals on their unique situations.

Dave Sullivan: Thanks again for your time, Robert, and good luck with your campaign!

Robert Wittenberg: Thank you, Dave. It was great speaking with you and to everyone watching.