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ACH Origination

Make Your Business More Efficient

Using ACH Origination, you can initiate electronic business payments, including direct
employee deposits, payments to vendors and suppliers, collection of periodic dues or
memberships fees, transfers to or from non-credit union accounts, and State and Federal tax

  • Control: Manage your cash flow
  • Cost-effective: Lower transaction fees
  • Convenience: Schedule your payments in advance
  • Secure: Reduces risk inherent with paper checks
  • Built-in Security and Controls

You can create and manage as many payees as you’d like. All recipient detail is stored in a
secure database of payment instructions that includes payee details and relevant banking

  • Encrypted authentication
  • Multi-tier user permission configurations
  • Optional dual approval workflow
  • Notifications for initiated and processed ACH
  • Batches delivered via text or eMail

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