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Introducing Roundup To Win!

Introducing Roundup To Win!

Ciara: Hi, I’m Ciara!

Dave: I’m Dave Sullivan here with People Driven Credit Union! I’m part of the marketing team, and we’ve got a fantastic new product that we wanted to share with you today. Ciara, can you tell me a bit of Roundup To Win?

Ciara: Yeah, so Roundup to Win is part of our Save To Win program where our members can either roundup or make deposits and once, they hit $25 increases in their qualifying account, they actually receive one entry into our drawing, and then these are the different prizes that they could win here. It could be monthly; it could be quarterly. Do you want to add to that?

Dave: Yeah! What’s excellent about roundup to win is that you can make your regular purchases throughout the day, and then those things will add up, and you won’t notice that you’re saving money. So not only do you earn interest on that money that you save, but you also have a chance to win up to five thousand dollars every quarter! And one of our members here at People Driven will win at least a thousand dollars every quarter. So, it’s a fantastic product. So if you want to find out more about it, go to peopledrivencu.org to find out more; thank you!

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