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Our First $1,000 Quarterly Winner of Round-up 2 Win!

Dave: Hi everybody Dave Sullivan here part of the marketing team at People Driven Credit Union. I have a special guest…

Dave: Debra, how long have you been a member of People Driven Credit Union?

Debra: More than ten years!

Dave: Great, well, we introduced Roundup 2 Win, in addition to Save the Win, and part of that program was a quarterly winner of 1,000 dollars. So this quarter was the first quarter we drew that name. and the winner was Debbie.

Dave: Congratulations. Here’s your check, although that money went directly into your savings account. We appreciate you being a part of Save to Win. Have you won in the past?

Debra: Yes

Dave: How many times?

Debra: Three or four times

Dave: You save 25 dollars or more a month, and you’re automatically depositing it?

Debra: Yes.

Dave: It’s an excellent way to save. In addition to that, we have something called roundup to win where for example, you spend $1.50 on your debit card. We automatically round up 50 cents and then deposit that towards your entry. That’s something new that we did along with the quarterly winner of a thousand dollars, congratulations! We’re glad you’re a member, and thanks for coming in.

Debra: Thank you.

Watch the video of the introduction of Round-up 2 Win.