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$1,000 Save-to-Win quarterly winner: Sheron

The winner is…

Dave: This is Dave Sullivan, part of the Marketing Team. I have a special member here with us:

Sheron: Sheron

Dave: Sheron was the quarterly grand prize winner of our Save-to-Win program. Our Save-to-Win program is available for members who deposit $25. You receive one entry into a drawing, and every quarter, we have one $1,000 winner in addition to the national prizes. You won the thousand dollars for the end of March.

Sheron: Yes!

Dave: That’s amazing, and how long have you been a member of People Driven Credit Union?

Sheron: Since 2004

Dave: 18 years?

Sheron: Yes.

Dave: Have you always been a part of the Save-to-Win program?

Sharon: Yes.

Dave: We appreciate that. In addition to Save-to-Win, you can also Roundup-to-Win. With Roundup-to-Win, every time you make a debit purchase, it rounds up to the next dollar, which goes into the Save-to-Win CD program.

Sharon: I wasn’t aware.

Dave: Yes, you can Roundup-to-Win every time you get to $25. You get another entry into the Save-to-Win program. It’s a pain-free way to save.

Prize-Linked Savings Program for Michigan Credit Unions

Save-to-Win is a national award-winning innovative product available only at credit unions. A provision in the Michigan Credit Union Act allows state and federal-chartered credit unions to offer prize-linked saving raffles to their members in which a savings deposit can constitute entries into a raffle drawing. More than 13,000 Michigan credit union members have saved $22 million by participating in Save-to-Win. In our current slow-growth economy, this is a massive accomplishment for Michigan families and Michigan credit unions!

This program started as a part of Michigan’s Community Reinvestment Initiative because it’s closely tied to our mission of “People Helping People,” giving members a way to build good savings habits and enjoy a more responsible game of chance.