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Setting Up Mobile Alerts

Master Your Money Management by Setting Up Alerts with People Driven Credit Union’s Mobile App

Welcome to your complete guide on setting up custom alerts with the People Driven Credit Union mobile app! In the video above, we’ll show you how to select and personalize alerts to keep you informed and secure.

Key Benefits of Mobile Alerts:

Alert Preferences

  • Stay Informed: Mobile alerts keep you updated on balance changes, direct deposits, large purchases, and more. Whether it’s a low balance warning to help you avoid overdraft fees or an alert for unusual account activity, these notifications are designed to help you monitor your finances efficiently.
  • Fraud Protection: Receive instant notifications for any suspicious activity. Our alerts help safeguard your accounts against unauthorized transactions and potential fraud, providing a crucial layer of security.
  • Convenient Updates: Alerts for upcoming payments and profile changes ensure you’re always ahead of your financial schedule and aware of any critical changes to your account settings.

Customizable Alerts:

  1. Low Balance Alert: Set a threshold and get notified if your balance drops, helping you manage your spending and avoid fees.
  2. Large Transaction Alerts: Receive notifications for large purchases or withdrawals, which helps in monitoring and controlling significant expenditures.
  3. Unusual Activity Alert: Stay vigilant with alerts for any atypical transactions that could indicate fraud.
  4. Direct Deposit Alert: Know exactly when your paycheck is deposited so you can manage bills and budget more effectively.
  5. Profile Change Alert: Get notified of any changes to your account information to prevent unauthorized access.

Delivered Your Way: Get these notifications via email, text message, or directly through our mobile app—whichever suits you best. Our goal is to make it easy for you to stay on top of your finances and ensure your financial health and safety.

By leveraging these personalized alerts, you’re not just staying informed; you’re taking an active role in managing and protecting your finances. This proactive approach can significantly benefit your financial well-being.

So, watch our video now and start taking control of your financial future with the People Driven Credit Union mobile app!

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