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Money Market Savings Account

Money Market Accounts pay rates better than savings, while keeping your funds available.

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  • Overview
    • Higher balances earn higher rates.
    • Six (6) preauthorized transfers and/or withdrawals per statement cycle
    • $1,000 minimum deposit to open
    • A minimum balance of at least $1,000 is required to keep the account open

    Enjoy flexibility and earn a premium interest rate

    Money Market Plus account requires a minimum deposit of $1,000, offers interest calculated based upon the daily balance, and is paid and compounded monthly. Dividend rates are tiered, offering higher rates for higher balances!

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    Should I open a money market savings account?

    Yes, if you want to build interest, have access to funds in a pinch, and plan to have balances over $1,000 combined with an insured credit union account’s safety.

    Money market savings account advantages

    Money Market accounts have a better interest rate than you would receive with a regular savings account. You are also able to write checks to make purchases from the account.

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  • Rates


    Money Market Plus Accounts

    Rates Effective as of: 02-28-2024
    Minimum Deposit Dividend/Interest RateAPY
    $1,000 - $2,4990.349% 0.35%
    $2,500- $9,999 0.499% 0.50%
    $250,000 and Above2.960% 3.00%

    APY=Annual Percentage Yield

    Money Market IRA

    Rates Effective as of: 02-28-2024
    Minimum Deposit Dividend/Interest RateAPY
    $1,000 to $4,999 0.349% 0.35%
    $5,000 to $24,9990.499%0.50%
    $25,000 and above1.094%1.10%

    APY=Annual Percentage Yield

  • FAQs

Money Market Savings Account

Money market accounts pay rates similar to savings accounts and have some checking features.

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People Driven Credit Union savings are Federally insured to at least $250,000 by the NCUA and backed by the full faith and credit of the United States Government. APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Rates effective as of today and may change at any time. Penalties apply for early withdrawal. View our Privacy Policy and read our disclaimer regarding links to other sites.